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The Oil Specialists

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The Oil Specialists

We specialize in lubricants. With over 30 years experience in the lubricants industry, let us help your business perform better, more effeciently and more cost effective.

What We Offer

Free Lube Surveys

We do a full lube survey of your equipment and make an expert recommendation. This in turn will reduce your total cost of ownership for the life of your equipment.

Product Availability

We carry 60 days stock so that you don't have to. We ensure that we can deliver the right product at the right time.

More Than Just Oil

We stock a wide range of products, ranging from industrial chemicals, cleaners, welding equipment and consumables. We are also an installer of RaceChip performance chips.

Free Delivery in Limpopo

We have a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver whatever it takes. With small minimum order quantities and fast turn around times, we are known for our excellent service.


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Tel: 015-293 0113